How to Reverse Sun Damage to Your Skin

Every time we step into the sunshine, our skin can become damaged.  Research indicates that the Ultra Violet rays of the sun actually alter the DNA of our skin cells.  This alternation in DNA leads to lines, discolorations including sunspots, wrinkles, and skin cancer.  Sun damage can also cause skin on the hands, neck and face to become leathery and coarse.  Fortunately, there are some steps … [Read more...]

New Anti-Aging Treatments & Products For Beautiful Skin

As a normal part of the aging process, our skin changes in appearance, texture, and volume.  Wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes and scars from acne are all common complaints from both women and men.  Fortunately, there is hope.  While we cannot simply turn back the clock and get the skin we had in our twenties, we can take a proactive approach and use anti-aging … [Read more...]