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Kathleen McCoy is professional beauty, education and healthcare analyst and writer. A University of Maryland graduate, Kathleen has traveled and studied extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America covering skin care and natural beauty techniques from around the globe.

10 Exotic Spas You Need to Visit Right Now


Beauty treatments, aesthetic procedures, relaxing massages, deep cleansing facials, and more are available at spas across the globe. However, not all spas are created equally; while some are soothing and provide a relaxing respite, this list comprises the 10 most outrageous and extravagant spas in the world. 1. Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan Jordan many not be the first place one thinks … [Read more...]

How Women Around The World Care For Their Skin


Outside of pharmacies, drug stores, and department stores, women around the world have for generations used what is most readily available to them for their beauty routines.  Below are snapshots of how women across the world care for their skin and hair. The Italian Woman’s Beauty Secrets Moisturizer:  Italian women, for generations, have applied virgin olive oil to their faces, legs and … [Read more...]

Skin Care Q&A: Calluses & Dry Skin


Winter and dry conditions can make hands and feet rough and callused.  Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that can help make your hands and feet soft and callus-free again.  Calluses often form because of improperly fitted shoes and poor weight distribution.  In some cases, orthotics and properly fit shoes can help diminish calluses on feet. What Is The Best Way To Cleanse … [Read more...]

How to Beat Warts for Good


Warts are annoying and unsightly condition, that people struggle with at some point over the course of their lives.  There are many types of warts and they can appear nearly anywhere on the body, at any time. What Causes Warts? Warts are typically caused when the HPV family of viruses comes into contact with outer layers of skin that have a small scratch or wound.  Once the virus gains entry … [Read more...]

Drugstore Cosmetics: The Ugly Ingredients List


Women in North America use, on average 12 beauty products per day.  This includes skin care, hair care, and cosmetics.  Drug store, department store and even specialty beauty products can contain potentially harmful chemical compounds that have been linked serious health conditions including cancer. In short, our skin absorbs whatever is applied to it as is evidenced through the growing use … [Read more...]

21 Recipes for Natural, Homemade Skin Care Products


As questions continued to be raised about the cost, safety and ethics of commonly-used beauty products, an increasing number of people are considering making their own natural beauty and skincare products at home.  Ingredients needed for the homemade solutions below are readily available in grocery stores and in fact, many may be in your pantry right now. Some people believe that you should … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleansing


Facial cleansing has evolved dramatically over the last thirty years.  Once, it was believed that you wanted tight squeaky skin after washing your face.  Of course, we know now that the tight squeaky is not as much a sign of cleanliness as it is dryness.  Fortunately, today, we have many options of cleansers formulated to gently clean our skin without stripping it of its natural suppleness and … [Read more...]

Organic Skin Care 101


Many people have turned to organic foods over the last two decades to guard against potentially dangerous chemicals.  Since skin is the largest organ of the body and naturally absorbs anything applied to it and introduces it to the body’s blood stream.  To ward off the chemical onslaught from traditional skin care products, many individuals have turned to organic skin care to ensure that what … [Read more...]

How to Reverse Sun Damage to Your Skin


Every time we step into the sunshine, our skin can become damaged.  Research indicates that the Ultra Violet rays of the sun actually alter the DNA of our skin cells.  This alternation in DNA leads to lines, discolorations including sunspots, wrinkles, and skin cancer.  Sun damage can also cause skin on the hands, neck and face to become leathery and coarse.  Fortunately, there are some steps … [Read more...]

New Anti-Aging Treatments & Products For Beautiful Skin


As a normal part of the aging process, our skin changes in appearance, texture, and volume.  Wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes and scars from acne are all common complaints from both women and men.  Fortunately, there is hope.  While we cannot simply turn back the clock and get the skin we had in our twenties, we can take a proactive approach and use anti-aging … [Read more...]