While researching for material to write about tonight, I stumbled upon this article from acne magazine about horrible home remedies for acne.  It got me thinking about some of the things that I’ve been told would help me with my acne.  Things like:

–          Honey – smear a bit of honey on your acne before you go to bed each night.  For me, this just resulted in extra love from my dog, and very sticky pillows.  It didn’t do a thing for my acne, good or bad.

–          Eat apples and carrots – One home remedy said to eat an apple or carrot three times per day to “soothe your skin.”  All this did for me was make my jaws hurt, and make me really sick of carrots.  I didn’t mind eating the apples all the time, but a person can only eat so many carrots.  This “cure” was another flop – but at least it didn’t do anything to make my acne worse.

–          Nutmeg and unboiled milk – First of all, I had no idea what unboiled milk was.  Isn’t it all unboiled? Second, after 3 weeks and no change, I figured it wasn’t worth it to keep testing it.  Maybe I should have used skim milk? J

So – what is the weirdest ritual that you have used to eliminate acne?  Let me know in the comments – especially if you found something that worked great.


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