In my incessant search to find new articles to bring to the fantastic readers of, I came across this article about 10 questions to ask your dermatologist, and thought it would be a great Christmas  present  for anyone that has (or is considering) a dermatologist.

A dermatologist is a doctor that specializes in the largest organ in the human body – the skin.  Most people think the dermatologist is only for acne, but you might also seek a professional opinion for psoriasis, eczema, hair, and/or nail problems. If it has anything to do with the outer layer of your body, the dermatologist is probably the right person for you.

After you’ve found a dermatologist (we’d recommend that you find one through referral instead of just searching for one – you want to make sure that you get someone that will be able to help you with your condition, and the best way to do this is by using a doctor that your friends/associates have already tried)

To make your visit to the dermatologist as productive as possible, consider asking him/her some or all of these questions:

  1. How much is enough sunscreen and what active ingredient should I look for?
  2. What are the signs of skin cancer and how often should I have my moles checked?
  3. How is my makeup affecting my skin?
  4. What can you tell me about the latest anti-aging products?
  5. What is the best way to treat visible sun damage?
  6. How will hormone replacement therapy or birth control affect my skin?
  7. How should I take care of my nails?
  8. Are self-tanners really safe and do you recommend them?
  9. What is the best facial cleansing routine for me?
  10. How should I take care of my hair if I perm or color-treat it?

You should schedule a visit with your dermatologist once a year, and discuss any changes or concerns that you might have about your skin.

Choosing the right professional is an essential part of maintaining your healthy skin.  If you don’t have a dermatologist, talk to your friends that already have great skin to see if they can recommend someone for you today.


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