How Women Around The World Care For Their Skin

Outside of pharmacies, drug stores, and department stores, women around the world have for generations used what is most readily available to them for their beauty routines.  Below are snapshots of how women across the world care for their skin and hair. The Italian Woman’s Beauty Secrets Moisturizer:  Italian women, for generations, have applied virgin olive oil to their faces, legs and … [Read more...]

21 Recipes for Natural, Homemade Skin Care Products

As questions continued to be raised about the cost, safety and ethics of commonly-used beauty products, an increasing number of people are considering making their own natural beauty and skincare products at home.  Ingredients needed for the homemade solutions below are readily available in grocery stores and in fact, many may be in your pantry right now. Some people believe that you should … [Read more...]

Organic Skin Care 101

Many people have turned to organic foods over the last two decades to guard against potentially dangerous chemicals.  Since skin is the largest organ of the body and naturally absorbs anything applied to it and introduces it to the body’s blood stream.  To ward off the chemical onslaught from traditional skin care products, many individuals have turned to organic skin care to ensure that what … [Read more...]