We’d like to start doing a new feature here on clear.ca – but we’re not too sure what to call it.

Some of the ideas that we have come up with:

  • Celebrity Skin (probably not a great choice, as it sounds like it might be a bit NSFW)
  • Pimple Pop (kinda like this one, but it might be a bit, uhm, gross)
  • American Acne Idol  – (ok, probably not)
  • Skin Problems of the Rich and Famous – hmm, good enough for now.

We would like to use this post to share with you the fact that celebrities have to fight the same problems as we do.  OK, maybe they have an army of makeup experts and photo-shoppers to help them cover up their blemishes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have skin problems, too.  The internet is full of the pics that you fav celebs don’t want you to see – but we’re pretty good at digging up the dirt.

So who would you like to see us profile?

Some of your favorite leading men, like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or Dane Cook?

How about some of the leading ladies, like Cameron Diaz, Penolope Cruz, or Alyssa Milano?

Do you know which actress said “They even had to schedule filming around my breakouts sometimes because all the makeup in the world couldn’t hide it”?

We’ll investigate the secrets that the celebs use to cover up their skin challenges, from cleansing products, skin care maintenance programs, make up applications, or how to find the right photographer that can make you look great, while hiding anything that might resemble a blemish.

But we don’t want to focus on only the problems, we’re happy to include some celec success stories.  The celebs that were able to find a solution that helped them break free from acne, or the celebs that just show that they didn’t care about it.  They’re just happy with who they are.

Let us know in the comments which celebrity you’d like us to focus on, and we’ll dig up some pics and maybe write up an email to thank them for being normal – just like the rest of us.



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