What is your Skin Regimen?

What is your secret to dealing with your blemishes?

Do you cover them up or take steps to eliminate them in the first place?  Do you have a fool-proof way of getting rid of acne, fast?

For me, the secret I’ve found is the need to shave daily.  If I shave regularly, with a disposable blade, I can virtually guarantee my skin to be blemish free.  The problem comes from the weekend, the two days that I generallydon’t shave due to my undiagnosed case of extreme lazyness. So, if I’m not careful, Monday can see a fresh outbreak of whiteheads.  Not quite what you want to see on a nearing-40 professional.

So, to make the rest of the week manageable, this is my normal routine:

–          Shower, gently scrub face using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

–          After showering, I shave using a sensitive skin targeted shaving cream

–          After shaving, I wash my face again using the Cetaphil

This top secret blend helps me keep the blemishes to a minimum, but I’d love to know what works for you.  Let me know in the comments, and I will share it in future posts.

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